Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jag vill se den där filmen så fort som möjligt och helst i kväll

Beppe Severgnini intervjuar Woody Allen om "Vicky Cristina Barcelona".
Jag citerar:

"Q: Shall we talk about the film?
A: I don't care about talking about the film. There's nothing that I particularly want to talk about, not even the film. I only talk about the film out of help to the film, to the producers of the film. But if it was up to me ... I wouldn't talk about anything. You put a film out and if it's good, people will come to see it. You don't have to tell them. And if it's not good, no matter how much you talk, they don't come."


"Q: As you get older, would you say that you are more fascinated by female beauty?
A: I've always been! Even as a tiny child I was always riveted by women. You know, I'm very shallow. And one of my shallow traits is an obsession with beauty. During the war, I could see how magnificent Rita Hayworth was, and I could always see it in the girls in my classes. And this is a shallow trait because it was at the exclusion of many more valuable and sensitive traits in other women."

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L. said...

Jaa du, Woody har alltid varit lite klokare och lite ärligare än de flesta.